SAPG Ghana collaboration publication


SAPG’s partnership work with teams in two Ghanaian hospitals has led to a paper being published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy-Antimicrobial Resistance journal.

The paper on the use of point prevalence surveys to measure antibiotic use in the two hospitals as a key element of antimicrobial stewardship was written as a collaboration between SAPG and colleagues in Ghana, Daniel Afriyie, Director of Pharmacy at Ghana Police Hospital in Accra, and Israel Sefah, Chief Pharmacist at Keta Municipal Hospital.

Tweeting about the paper, which is published ahead of the SAPG team’s return visit to Ghana next week, Israel thanked SAPG project lead Dr Jacqui Sneddon for her support:

“Wow. Fruitful trans-national collaboration. This is worth celebration. Congrats team leader Jacqui”.

Jacqui said:

“I’m delighted to see this paper published as it shows the strength of the team work between Scottish and Ghanaian colleagues and our willingness to learn from each other. It’s also great for Daniel and Israel to achieve this recognition for their hard work.”

The paper is an output from a volunteering project, which is funded by the Fleming Fund and takes a partnership approach with African colleagues to support development of antimicrobial stewardship but also promotes shared learning. In addition to the published work the project will see the establishment of robust and reliable systems and processes for antimicrobial stewardship and ‘train the trainer’ education for healthcare professionals to support improvements in clinical practice.

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