End of life antibiotics

SAPG convened a multi-professional group of experts in end of life care and antimicrobial stewardship to develop evidence-based good practice recommendations for clinicians considering the use of antibiotics in patients towards the end of life.

Findings from a literature review and a survey of clinicians experience were triangulated and group discussion was used to generate consensus on how to approach decision-making.

The Good Practice Recommendations were agreed with focus on 3 areas: making shared decisions about future care; agreeing clear goals and limits of therapy; reviewing all antibiotic prescribing decisions regularly.

The recommendations have been disseminated widely through various networks to support optimal care for patients towards the end of life.

A patient version of the recommendations is also available to support implementation by providing patients, their families and carers with information to facilitate conversations about the risks and benefits of antibiotics.

Good Practice Recommendations for use of antibiotics towards the end of life

End of life antibiotics information for patients

We have written two articles on this work:

Antimicrobial use towards the end of life: a scoping review

Antibiotic use towards the end of life: development of good practice recommendations