World AMR Awareness Week (WAAW)

World AMR Awareness Week runs each year from 18-24 November

SAPG supports activities in Scotland to support WAAW and work closely with colleagues in Public Health England to raise awareness amongst health and care staff, patients and the public about the need to use antibiotics more wisely to stop antimicrobial resistance.

Find out more about antimicrobial resistance in this TED Talk from public health journalist Maryn McKenna.


WAAW 2022

In 2022 we continue to support the Antibiotic Guardian campaign that aims to raise awareness about appropriate use of antibiotics and encourage members of the public and healthcare professionals to make a pledge about how they personally will use antibiotics more prudently, and become Antibiotic Guardians.

SAPG will promote key messages via social media and NHS Boards will, if feasible, run some local activities using materials from previous SAPG and Antibiotic Guardian campaigns.

Sign up to be an antibiotic guardian at Antibiotic Guardian | Pledge to be an Antibiotic Guardian

A range of other resources are also available to download:

If you have any queries or feedback on WAAW please contact