Renal function calculation for colistimethate sodium guidance

Creatinine Clearance

Cockcroft and Gault Creatinine Clearance calculation

                                                                           [140 – age (years)] x weight (kg) x 1.23 (male) OR x 1.04 (female)
 Creatinine Clearance (CrCl ) (ml/min) =   _________________________________________________________________
                                                          serum creatinine (micromol/L)

  • Use adjusted body weight if BMI 25 or higher or ideal body weight if significant fluid retention
  • In patients with low creatinine (<60 micromol/L), use 60 micromol/L

Ideal body weight (IBW) (kg)

Refer to SAPG Ideal Body Weight Tables

Adjusted body weight Calculation

Adjusted body weight (AdjBW) (kg) = IBW (kg) + 0.4 x [actual body weight (kg) – IBW (kg)]